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Door Reinforcement

Every home is unique. This is Tuff House's guiding principle when creating custom security solutions for your doors.

During our initial consultation, Tuff House assesses the function of your existing door, or the repairs needed if you're facing damage from a break-in, and recommends improvements.


Using a combination of heavy-duty quality parts, we reinforce all of the door's attachments - locks, hinges, and strikeplates - to maximize the strength of their resistance.


One of the most common questions we're asked is whether our work will affect the appearance of your home. This is especially a concern for owners of older homes.


We understand your concerns, and our attention to the appearance and design of your home is what sets our services apart. We work with you to design secure solutions that will integrate as seamlessly as possible with your home.

Older Homes

older homes

Tuff House works with older homes all the time. We are familiar with their charm - and their challenges. These homes often require extra steps to update and improve their door frames, which we outline here. 

Older homes usually have a completely hollow door frame. This causes signficant heat loss and renders most conventional door reinforcement kits minimally effective. Correcting this is the first step for Tuff House door treatments.

Once the exact dimensions of the hollow in the door frame are determined, a combination of solid wood, top-strength adhesive, and screws are used to fabricate a solid beam to create a solid door frame.

When the beam is perfectly fitted, it is tapped in and attached to the door frame and house framing with a combination of adhesive and masonry nails or screws. 

With the beam permanently in place, we have a solid, monolithic foundation behind the door frame. The door frame will be mortised to accept a heavy duty strike plate. 

The strike plates for the locks are hand modified to accept ¼” heavy duty Spax screws ranging up to 6" in length. Wax is used to ensure these massive screws fit perfectly into their pilot holes.

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