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Window Reinforcement

Security systems often feature window sensors that detect when a window has been opened or smashed. While these systems are effective for quickly alerting authorities to break-ins, the damage is already done: burglars weren't prevented from entering your home, and even if they couldn't stay long, you're left with shattered glass on your floor and broken window frames.  


Why rely on detection when you can incorporate prevention into your home security?


Below are window reinforcement solutions Tuff House can install in your home to help you avoid break-ins and minimize structural damage.

Security Film


Security film is a transparent poly-blend material that adheres to glass like wallpaper, making the glass virtually impossible to break through while having no impact on your view or the amount of light entering the house. We use quality 8 mil films from Llumar or 3m, and our team is trained to apply film smoothly enough to be almost undetectable.

Window pins and screws


A typical sash lock on your window is designed to keep air out, not burglars. Tuff House uses heavy duty pins and screws to create signficant resistance to windows being pried open.


When applied together, security film and window pins and screws are far more attractive than burglar bars, and have the same effectiveness when they function in unison without affecting your home's appearance.

Watch a demo of security film at work
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