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Your Neighborhood

Tuff House has been operating out of the Kirkwood neighborhood on the east side of Atlanta since 2009. As a local business, we want to help you use all possible resources in our city to keep you informed and protected.


Being aware is being safe. Tuff House encourages you to know your neighbors and what's happening in your area. Below is a list of resources, and we invite you to contact us with any suggested additions.

Connect with people in your neighborhood for tips on local safety concerns.


Atlanta Police Department Crime Reports

Select your zone to get a map of local crime statistics.


Local Atlanta Neighborhood Assocations

Click the links below to see a neighborhood's NA page.



For a more complete listing of NA's throughout Atlanta, visit:


City of Atlanta's Neighborhood Assocations Listing

Links to the websites for Neighborhood Associations throughout Atlanta


Don't see your Neighborhood Association listed with the city? Want to start one? Click the link below to learn about the benefits of belonging to a Neighborhood Assocation, and how to set one up. - "How to Start a Neighborhood Association"

What your neighbors are saying about Tuff House

"My home is older and I loved the look of my original door. Tuff House was able to reinforce my door and windows while preserving the look that I wanted to keep. I feel so much safer now. Thanks, Tuff House!"


- Susan in East Point

"We were pleased with how professional and helpful the Tuff House team was. They looked at our front door and told us what they needed to do. Tuff House finished on time, and my wife was ecstatic that he took off his muddy boots before entering our home."


- Rob in Decatur

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