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Preventing break-ins

Alarm systems and door and window reinforcements are the most effective resources for home security, but there is plenty you can do as a homeowner for little-to-no cost to help burglar-proof your house.


Below are tips to get you started, and links to articles with even more advice. 


  • Don't leave gardening gloves or yardwork tools out in your yard. These become handy tools for burglars to pry doors, smash windows, and avoid leaving fingerprints.

  • Don't leave your key inside a double cylinder deadbolt in your door. Once someone breaks in, they instantly have a key to your house.

  • Place your television, stereo, and any other electronics in a spot that isn't visible from the street.

  • Have plenty of lighting around the perimeter of your house, especially in the driveway. Consider having motion sensor floodlights installed.

  • An obviously empty house is an invitation for a break-in.If you're away from home for more than a day, use timers on lights in your house to make it seem like you're there. 

  • Close window treatments at night, rather than leaving an open view to your home's interior.

  • Consider getting a dog. A loud bark is a great deterrent.

  • Have your local police number in an easy to find place on your phone: make it a "favorite" contact, and add it as "AAA Police" or "1 Police" to move them to the top of your contacts list. 

Follow these links for more security tips from other professionals.

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