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panic rooms

Looking for the next level of threat protection? Consider a panic room.

A panic room, or safe room, is an interior space, often a large closet or basement room, that is fortified to protect you in case of direct threats, including home invasions, break-ins, even disastrous weather.


Creating a permanent safe space in your home is a considerable investment of time and resources. This level of home protection involves securing wall interiors with steel, essentially creating a steel cage. Reinforced doors, locks, and keycodes are among the different approaches we can take to customzing your safe room.


Panic rooms take at least a few weeks to complete. Once measurements are taken and a plan is drawn up, Tuff House orders and customizes the room's materials offsite to minimize the work being done in your home. Installation takes several days, and the process is complete after final clean-up and walk-through. 


Click here for a full description of our work process, and contact us any time with questions about customizing a panic room for your home.


Click through the images to see what goes into constructing a panic room.

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