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Our process

1. Initial Assessment & Consultation


Tuff House performs assessments at in-home consultations for one of two reasons: you want to take preventative measures to secure your home's points of entry, or you've already been burglarized and need to repair the damages and strengthen your security precautions.


During a preventative consultation, Tuff House will:

  • survey your property for vulnerability

  • identify the scope of your needs

  • help you prioritize areas to secure

  • assess the quality of current materials

  • take measurements

  • determine what materials will be needed to complete the work.


For consultations following a break-in, Tuff House will assess damages and repairs needed in addition to the steps outlined above.


Consultation is a thorough process that takes about one hour, so that Tuff House can begin work immediately once a work order is approved.


We provide free consultations for the following neighborhoods. 


- Virginia-Highlands

- Candler Park

- Lake Claire

- Kirkwood

- Edgewood

- Midtown

- Ansley Park

- Oakhurst


Residents in neighborhoods not listed here are charged a $60 trip fee, which is deducted from your final bill at the time of job completion.

2. Submit Work Order


Based on your security needs and information gathered during the initial assessment, Tuff House will submit a custom plan. The proposal is submitted as a line item list, and we will work with your budget to finalize a plan. Larger jobs might require a deposit at this time; otherwise, final payment is due upon job completion.

3. Schedule and Begin Work


Once the work order's finalized, we select a date to begin work. Tuff House jobs take several hours to several days to complete, depending on the scope of work.

4. On the Job


Tuff House understands that home improvement can be a disruptive process, and we make sure our work is as unobtrusive as possible. You do not need to be home while we work, and we clean up as we go. We will never leave your home unsecured at any point during work.

5. Wrapping Up


Work is complete after final clean-up. You have the option of a walk-through, and the balance of your payment is due upon job completion. After that, all you need to do is enjoy your secured home!

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