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Frequently asked questions

How long does door and window reinforcement take?


Every home is unique, and needs a custom solution to effectively secure it. While there's no set timeline for job completion, Tuff House works as quickly as possible from assessment to installation to clean-up, while paying close attention to the quality of both work and design. Basic installation will range from several hours to several days, depending on the scope of work.

What should I expect to pay out of pocket?


Assessments are free in a limited number of neighborhoods. Homeowners who pay a $60 assessment fee for travel can apply that to the work Tuff House performs. In the case of damages from break-ins, Tuff House will work with you to ensure you are maximizing your insurance company's coverage. In these cases, homeowners rarely pay out of pocket. If you are securing your home as a preventative measure, Tuff House offers competitive rates, and will provide a line item proposal to work with your budget.

Will this change the functionality of my doors or windows?


Basic reinforcement solutions have zero impact on door functionality and little to no impact on window use. Kick-proofing your doors doesn't affect their ability to open, shut, or lock properly. Many homeowners report easier-to-open doors because strikeplates and lock systems have been carefully measured and properly installed. Window functionality can change, depending on the reinforcement solution you choose. Window film makes window glass kick and shatter-resistant, from both the inside and outside, but windows still open and shut. More involved window securing solutions can affect functionality. Contact us to learn more.

What is security film and how does it work?


Tuff House uses security film from brands including 3M or Llumar a polyester-based surface protectant that is applied to windows of all shapes and sizes. When applied to your window, the film bonds to the glass like transparent wallpaper. Tuff House employees are trained to apply security film to your windows without leaving ripples, seams, or other marks, leaving this clear film almost invisible to the eye. Security film doesn't reduce light or clarity, and filters UV rays, too. Security film is durable, can be cleaned with regular household cleaners, and should not require maintenance or re-application for decades. Click here to watch a video of 3M security film's indestructability.

How will door and window reinforcement affect the appearance of my home?


Minimally, if at all. Tuff House's attention to the existing style and design of your home is what sets us apart. We understand that you want the comfort of fortress-like security, without the look. Door reinforcement solutions aren't visible unless your door is open, and can be applied to nearly every style and size of door. Security film for windows is transparent, and won't affect light's intensity or clarity in a room. As a result, security film is an attractive alternative to burglar bars. 

Can you guarantee that no one will break into my home after your installation?


No home security company can, or should, guarantee that your home is burglar-proof. If someone wants to break into a home badly enough, they will. Reinforcing your windows and doors signfiicantly reduces the potential for a break-in, as those are the two most typical points of entry for thieves. Door and window reinforcement is a signficant component in burlgarly prevention, and should be used in conjunction with alarm systems to maximize your security.

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